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LTCC Filter Innovations Enable Next Generation Aircraft Internet Links
Jun 01, 2023 | Engineering Resources
Mini-Circuits LTCC filters are finding homes in an ever-growing range of applications as we expand the product line to new frequencies, higher rejection and other novel capabilities. One area we've seen recent success is in the development of electronically steerable (phased array) antenna systems for satellite-based internet connectivity aboard commercial and military aircraft. Read on to see what's happening in this exciting application space!

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MMIC Low Noise Amplifiers
May 31, 2023 | Amplifiers
Mini-Circuits' PMA3-series of MMIC LNAs have become a mainstay in countless systems across the industry because of their unmatched combinations of bandwidth, noise figure and dynamic range. We've now extended these capabilities to higher frequencies and more applications with the introduction of two new models with operating frequency ranges up to 45 GHz.

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Mini-Circuits Welcomes Special Guests to Brooklyn: Students from the Hogeschool van Amsterdam
May 30, 2023 | Industry Insights
Mini-Circuits has a long history of supporting our community, both locally and in the RF and microwave industry at large. Recently at our Brooklyn facilities, we hosted an impressive group of students from the Hogeschool van Amsterdam who were looking to get real-world exposure to business practices on their trip to New York.

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